Angel Luis Quesada Nieto

Do or do not; there is no try

As CEO at Kubide, Blockchain CTO at AgentMile, and CTO Interim in at least six others projects, during these last years, I have managed to expand my experiences, skills, and soft-skills.

I have abilities as CPO or Product Owner, helping to conceptualize more than 40 Startups these last years, since the Idea or from Scratch to a viable product.

As for my background, as a developer fanboy, I have extensive knowledge of backend and frontend technologies, especially on new Javascript paradigms like NodeJS, Angular, React, among others.

Now I am focusing on improving my knowledge on Blockchain, developing Smart Contracts thru Solidity.

The third area of my knowledge is marketing, particularly Analytical Marketing and Growth Marketing from where I can apply all my baggage to help projects to convert more and check possible UX problems.

For last, but, for me, the most important, I consider myself as a heavy defender of productivity at work. I prefer six productivity hours than ten of "stay at work", and I try to convey this passion to the whole team. I have experience managing teams of more than 15 employees, managing different areas and projects simultaneously.